Gay Bondage Porn – Not Legal In All Countries

Do you ever feel like your sex life is not exciting as it was before? It is like doing the same thing over and over again that it just kills your buzz for sex. Well, this becomes an issue for most couples who do not open themselves to new things. In order to have a lively and constantly exhilarating sex, you have to try options about position, tools, and even costumes.

How Bondage Works

If you want to try something domineering, you might want to try doing bondage during sex. However, you have to be very careful when doing it because you will be using tools that would limit your partner’s movements. So when you do things to them uncontrollably, they will not be able to stop you physically. This is where a safe word usually comes in.

Here are safe points that you have to remember when applying bondage during sex.

  • Choose a safe word. This word will serve as your warning to stop what you are doing. Some choose two more words to indicate how painful it is that they are experiencing so that their partner will realize if they should stop or lessen the intensity of fondling their body. For perfect reference, watch gay bondage porn.
  • Avoid painful positions. Of course, your movements will be restrained when you are tied up. Agree on a position that will be comfortable and at the same time sexy as hell. This way, you will avoid postural injuries in the long run. And, do not prolong bondage because it can cause asphyxia. This means that oxygen cannot circulate the body properly because of the restraints. Let your partner change position. Also, do not tie part or parts of the body that is critical for breathing or oxygen circulation, like the neck and face.
  • No drugs and alcohol. Never be under the influence of drugs and or alcohol when you do bondage. This may lead to unfortunate and gruesome results such as death due to hallucinations.

Bondage or gay bondage porn is actually illegal in some countries. This is because authorities and professionals are aware of the severity of danger that bondage does to person, especially when couples are using drugs and alcohol. There have been numerous cases of killing or death because of the lack of awareness when doing new stuff while having sex. If you are curious about it, check your country’s policies and law about prohibiting acts during sex like bondage.