Are Gay Sex Videos As Popular As Straight Ones?

Knowing the fact that porn industries have welcomed so many categories to please their viewers, that even straight women have enjoyed watching even gay porn videos. The percentage as recorded by every site through the views that 69% of women enjoy watching gay porn than straight porn videos, they appreciate gay porn more than lesbian porn because lesbian porn are sometimes portrayed too much that they know that stuff being done on lesbian porn’s are too unrealistic. Knowing that most videos available focuses more on straight porn videos, but taking the ratio of popularity between straight porn and gay porn they don’t really vary much when percentage are being compared. Well it is already given that many straight people prefer to watch straight porn and gay men prefer gay porn, which means gay porn can be considered as popular as straight porn’s also.

Men and Women Appreciate Gay Porn Also

Men and women sometimes watch gay porn too; although these videos were practically made to be watch by gay people but still straight people watching gay porn is also something that the industry can appreciate. Only 30% of men watch gay porn, but 69% of women prefer gay porn over lesbian porn and that is quite something.

All the viewers have to do is look for the search bar at porn sites and they can search what kind pf videos they want to see or they can just click from the videos seen in every page of the porn website.

Many Categories and Titles To Choose From

You can find all sorts or types of videos in porn sites they have different contents to please the eyes of the viewers; they also have XXX parodies, movies that turned into porn. All they have to do is select a category or type what kind of gay porn parody they want to see, the actors in gay porn are much dedicated to please the viewers that they do their best when it comes to acting. Not all gay sex videos are direct sex videos, some of them portray different stories and scenarios to add some twist or flavor to the video or movie. All the users have to do is choose what fits to their taste; most porn sites have big data content so they can expect thousands and thousands of gay sex videos.

The Health Risks Of Gay Sex

A lot of people believe that gay sex is a dangerous way of having fun, with STDs and AIDS the two terms you hear cited time after time. While can be somewhat true to an extent, it’s not gay sex that’s the real danger. It’s unprotected gay sex. It’s true that men can be more at risk for contracting HIV during sex with another man than with a woman, it’s still a possibility either way. And as we all know, STDs can be contracted by anyone, at any time, having sex with anybody. That should be common sense, but myths about gay sex and disease continue to proliferate, to the point where there have been a number of academic studies proving that gay sex – in and of itself – is no more dangerous than heterosexual sex.

Where Does this Myth Come From?

The origins of this urban legend stem from a number of sources. Perhaps the most important one is mainstream religion dating back centuries. The religious belief that gay sex is forbidden or “dirty” has led to the creation of myths to scare people away from experimenting or committing to a gay lifestyle, with most of those myths centering around the “diseases” that can result from sexual contact with other members of the same sex. Another reason that “gay sex” and “health risks” are associated in many peoples’ minds is that anal sex is more common among men than among heterosexual couples; there’s a longstanding (and incorrect) belief that anal sex is dirty because feces can carry disease, partly because parents often teach children from an early age that the anus is a “dirty place.” Naturally, this is a way overblown concern, particularly when proper protection is used during sex.

Real Health Concerns

There are two real issues which have led to overstated myths about gay sex. The first, naturally, was the AIDS epidemic that largely started in the gay community in the 1980s. HIV exposure is still a real concern, but the use of protection and regular testing has pretty much mitigated the worry about AIDS that most gay men had decades ago.

The second issue has to do with the nature of gay hookups. Gay men have been seen for years as more promiscuous than straights, and there has been some truth to that belief over the years with the popularity of gay bathhouses, glory holes and the like. However, that scene was due in large part to the “forbidden” nature of gay sex and the reluctance of gay men to come out in a society where they would often be ostracized or even attacked for their sexual preferences. In today’s world, where gay marriage is legal and gay relationships are seen by the majority of the population as normal and healthy, the incidence of promiscuous gay sex has declined to the point where it’s pretty much on a level with promiscuous straight sex.

The real source of health risks is infection. STD’s come from infected people – whether they’re gay or straight. There may be a slightly greater risk due to the number of men who prefer bareback sex over protected sex, but that’s a small difference. In reality, there’s always the danger of contracting sexually transmitted diseases when having unprotected sex with an unknown partner – and that’s not a health risk of gay sex. It’s a health risk of sex, which can be mitigated completely with a little bit of rubber and a little bit of smarts.

What You Get When You Join A Gay Porn Site

If you have always thought about joining a gay porn site but you are just not sure if it is a good idea, it’s important that you get to know more about these kinds of sites in the first place. For one, there are so many types of these sites online that it can be confusing to choose which one would be the safest and the most reliable to watch from.

It can also help when you also do your own research beforehand. You can ask a friend about their experiences when joining a site or you can look for reviews online from people who have tried out the site for themselves.

Things That You Should Look For In These Sites

A gay porn site may have several things in common with other sites of the same theme and they may also have their own special features. It can help when you are aware of what the differences and the similarities are with the many sites that are active online.

There is also no harm in setting your own number of rules and qualifications when choosing the best site that you can watch from. You should also consider the type of porn that you wish to watch since there are also niche sites that can cater to one or more types of content.

What Are The Typical Things That You Can Find In These Kinds Of Sites

Make sure that the site you choose is safe. Get the general feel of the site and when there isn’t too much spam going on and you can see that there are legitimate reviews as well as views then it may be a good sign that the site is active and also has active viewers. Content is another thing that you need to highly consider when choosing a site. They will have content and the number of these will also depend on what the website caters to show to their viewers.

Each site has their own number of the collection as well as special features. Every site’s features will have differences when it comes to the titles that they will publish. You can find that there are sites with mediocre content and those that have stunning content; it all depends on what you’re looking for and what you’re more interested in.

Censorship may also be one thing that some sites have and others don’t. There are viewers who want the censorship in the content that they are viewing while there are others who don’t. This can also help you pick out easily what kind of site will work for you the most.

Reason For Producer Antonio Biaggi’s Fame: His Huge Tool

There are some porn stars that are so manly that you want to see them do something gay. Well, that fantasy of yours is already available in the internet thanks to Antonio Biaggi. Seriously, this porn star is the very image of a man but he is gay enough to satisfy your cravings. He is now a successful producer and is still starring in many films. The videos are of course, available all over the internet.

The Reason for His Fame

There are so many speculations as to why this guy is famous. There are some who are saying that it is because he is willing to do anything. Some people say that it is because he is very manly. But a lot of people agree, that they watch Antonio Biaggi because of his huge tool. This is according to many statements from different fans both gay men and women who are into gay porn. Most of his videos are in the top ten most watched videos in many website so we can safely say that he is one of the top gay porn stars in the industry today.

The Entertainment Industry

The best thing about him being a producer is the fact that he is also bringing in new talents from all over the world to make entertainment for the public. This is actually a very good thing nowadays since it gives us a lot of options and it is making the industry a lot healthier. This means that people will earn from us watching their videos and they will be able to make better entertainment for us. This is especially true for the porn industry since a lot of their income is coming from the number of people who are watching the videos every day. This is true not only for mainstream porn but also gay porn as well.

Other Names

There are also other names in the list of the top gay porn stars today and they are definitely making a lot of money from the limelight. Some of them are Johnny Rapid and Jake Bass. Some of them may not be listed here but they are also some of the top names. The best thing to do to keep this industry getting better is by watching more videos. After all, this is something that is really for our benefit instead of the actors and the crew.

Do Actors Make A Lot Of Money Doing Gay Porn?

More often than not, people who consume pornographic material have little regard for the actors on screen. Once the film is done and satisfaction is achieved, the people on the screen are no longer relevant and viewers could care less about what else they do. But have people ever asked how much does it pay to become an adult film actor? Some people may think it’s an easy job to do because all it takes is some good storyline and realistic action to earn some bucks. But people in the industry express that it’s a very competitive industry.

What it Pays To Be in Gay Porn

There are so many adult entertainment companies in the industry that people think it might be easy to make money out of making love with someone in front of the camera. But people in the gay porn industry say that it’s still a very competitive industry just like the modeling industry. There are certain requirements that need to be met to be booked for the job.

It’s still a climb to the top to get the highest pay. Porn actors who have already made a name for themselves can earn as much as $5,000 for a scene with another actor. However, beginners can start earning $500 per movie. It might seem well enough for some people. But when you do the math, it might not make that much. If beginners are lucky enough to have, say, 5 scenes a month that makes $2,500. Multiplying it by 12 will give around $30,000 a year which is only a little over day jobs for the average American.

Job Stability, Income, and Other Considerations

Doing porn may not cover that much of the bills especially that income isn’t as stable as what people make out of day jobs. This is also the reason why some actors do not go for gay porn as a full-time job. Consider it as a bonus on top of whatever stable job these actors have.

Some porn companies give incentives to actors for performing very specific scenes. These can include demands like the actor’s first time to have anal sex or an orgy. In such cases, actors can receive up to $2,500 in cash. Although there are bonuses for certain scenes, it’s always better to have a steady source of income. Also, it can be a very demanding job because of the tough competition between companies. It’s a good start but a better game plan is needed.

Gay Bondage Porn – Not Legal In All Countries

Do you ever feel like your sex life is not exciting as it was before? It is like doing the same thing over and over again that it just kills your buzz for sex. Well, this becomes an issue for most couples who do not open themselves to new things. In order to have a lively and constantly exhilarating sex, you have to try options about position, tools, and even costumes.

How Bondage Works

If you want to try something domineering, you might want to try doing bondage during sex. However, you have to be very careful when doing it because you will be using tools that would limit your partner’s movements. So when you do things to them uncontrollably, they will not be able to stop you physically. This is where a safe word usually comes in.

Here are safe points that you have to remember when applying bondage during sex.

  • Choose a safe word. This word will serve as your warning to stop what you are doing. Some choose two more words to indicate how painful it is that they are experiencing so that their partner will realize if they should stop or lessen the intensity of fondling their body. For perfect reference, watch gay bondage porn.
  • Avoid painful positions. Of course, your movements will be restrained when you are tied up. Agree on a position that will be comfortable and at the same time sexy as hell. This way, you will avoid postural injuries in the long run. And, do not prolong bondage because it can cause asphyxia. This means that oxygen cannot circulate the body properly because of the restraints. Let your partner change position. Also, do not tie part or parts of the body that is critical for breathing or oxygen circulation, like the neck and face.
  • No drugs and alcohol. Never be under the influence of drugs and or alcohol when you do bondage. This may lead to unfortunate and gruesome results such as death due to hallucinations.

Bondage or gay bondage porn is actually illegal in some countries. This is because authorities and professionals are aware of the severity of danger that bondage does to person, especially when couples are using drugs and alcohol. There have been numerous cases of killing or death because of the lack of awareness when doing new stuff while having sex. If you are curious about it, check your country’s policies and law about prohibiting acts during sex like bondage.